About Us

My story:

I was re-born on May 1st 2020, the day I had my daughter. Since then, she has inspired me, challenged me, loved me, laughed with me, and most of all changed me. As a mama, and with the little down time I have, I am constantly searching online for trendy cute outfits for her and for us, but I was never able to find a single source for everything that I was looking for. This coupled with COVID fatigue gave me an idea; why not create something that is a "trendy one stop shop" to share with all of YOU!?

It is truly the highlight of my day to see my little one smiling in a cute little colorful outfit (that's AFFORDABLE too!).

I have sourced these cute little outfits and accessories from across the globe to provide you with what I think are the cutest collections of them all!

Always more to come..



Founder of The Weekend T